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Making It: Dr. Emily Splichal #barefootstrong

Making It: Dr. Emily Splichal #barefootstrong

Dr. Emily Splichal is #barefootstrong. She's a well known podiatrist in New York, and Founder and CEO of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy (EBFA), a continuing education institute which provides scientific and research-based education to health and fitness professionals.  She's also the creator of Catwalk Confidence Workout and Author to "Everyday Is Your Runway: A Shoe Lover's Guide to Healthy Feet & Legs". Did I forget to mention that she recently just launched her own Naboso Yoga Mat! 

I sat down with Dr. Emily to find out how she manages 'balancing' on both feet, her favorite travel city and the reason behind her nickname "Dr. Legs."

Written by: Somi Basathia


1. You're a celebrity podiatrist, human movement specialist, creator of the Catwalk Confidence program, author of 2 books and the CEO of EBFA Global. How long have you been practicing and how do you manage being a #girlboss? 

I started building my brand and first company just under 8 years ago after I graduated medical school. I definitely have a lot on my plate trying to balance medicine with consulting, traveling, writing etc and have at times felt like I was burning the candle at both ends! What's honestly kept me going through long flights, jet lag and sleepless nights is passion. I've created a brand and concept that is entirely through my innovation which makes it close to my heart. Seeing people receptive to my company or positively impacting someone's life adds fuel to my fire.



2. How and why did you get the nickname "Dr. Legs?"

Lol. My publicist actually gave me that nickname. With fitness and podiatry she wanted something catchy and Dr. Foot isn't as sexy as Dr. Legs! What's funny is I actually got a couple spokesperson gigs out of that nickname. 




3. You've traveled to many cities - which one is your favorite? 

Oh it's a split between Bangkok and Dubai, but if I had to choose one I'd say Bangkok. I spend a lot of time in Asia and have been to Thailand probably 20 times now. Cities have an energy to them - a pulse. Bangkok reminds me of NYC with the fashion, shopping and hotels but it maintains the Asian hospitality and Buddhist beliefs that I'm drawn too. The people of Thailand are so kind and peaceful. 


4. One of your goals is to change the way health and fitness industry looks at movement science and client programming. What changes do you hope to see and why? 

Being a podiatrist I have a deep appreciation for our feet and the integration of foot strength with with the rest of the body. I've been dedicating my medical career to teaching professionals, clients, athletes and patients how to tap into optimal function and performance from the ground up. The human body is fascinatingly complex and interconnected, but when trained or rehabbed the right way can exceed normal human potential. 


5. Tell us about your newly launched product Naboso Yoga Mat?

Nabosco Yoga Mat is the first-ever textured yoga mat which is designed to stimulate the proprioceptors (nerves) of the hands and feet. When stimulated the skin of the hands and feet plays an important role in balance and posture which means using Naboso Yoga Mat will allow you to get more out of your barefoot workout. Naboso Yoga Mats retail at $110 and are available for purchase. 



6. What is the most rewarding thing about your practice? 

In my podiatry practice I find it the most rewarding when I can get someone out of pain - allowing them to participate in activities they enjoy. Our bodies were designed to move however (chronic) pain affects million of people. I try to teach all my patients simple daily tips/techniques that can be done to take them or keep them out of pain. 




7. Your workout Catwalk Confidence was voted as the best workout of 2010. What does the workout consist of? 

When I think about high heels I think confidence, posture, strength. To walk in heels while exuding all these characteristics requires postural strength and endurance. Catwalk Confidence is a barefoot balance training workout that targets the feet, hips and core - all of which are needed to wear heels. Although we promote it for women who wear heels everyone can/will benefit from the exercises found in Catwalk Confidence. We have online workouts and DVDs available at Catwalk Confidence. 


8. You mention that wearing high heels can be dangerous for women? Why is that and is there anything we can do to make it less dangerous? 

There's no denying that wearing high heels can put excess on the feet, knees and lower back. However stretches can be done to reverse the stress of high heels. I have a program called Stiletto Recovery which includes hip openers,  calf stretches and foot release techniques which can be done after a long day/night in heels.


9. On a Saturday night we can find you......

I'm either enjoying dinner halfway around the world or relaxing with my boyfriend in NYC. I have been traveling so much lately that when I am in NYC on a rare weekend I value catch up time with my friends and family. 


10. When you're not barefoot you are wearing......

Either my Vibram Five Fingers or some strappy heels. I may be barefoot strong but come Saturday night I still need to strap on my favorite stilettos. 

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