Curating the Perfect Wardrobe: 5 Classic Pieces That Never Go Out of Style

Trends are constantly coming and going, such is the nature of the fashion industry. There are some pieces, however, that can withstand the test of time. These are the pieces we call classics--yes, that beloved word that means: no, you don't have to toss those last season boots. And yes, go ahead, invest in that overpriced cashmere sweater that means you'll be eating Top Ramen until your next paycheck. They're the fashion essentials that gracefully transcend multiple seasons and fads--you know, the ones you wear on repeat until they've absolutely been worn to shreds. Because, if we're being totally honest, they're the pieces we love the most. The ones we always have the best adventures with, the ones that we gravitate towards when we want to look and feel our very best, and the ones we can't bear to part with. So here's a shoutout to those OG classics that hold a very sentimental place both in our closets and our hearts.



A great leather jacket elevates any outfit. Add some instant street cred to your look and throw it over your favorite dress, or wear it with your best skinnies--this jacket isn't picky.


Dressier than a sweatshirt, but more casual than a button down--the cardigan is a staple piece in any wardrobe. There are very few outfits a cardigan would look out of place with, which is part of its appeal. Whether you're buttoning it up and making it the focal piece of your outfit, or you just need a cozy cover-up for the office--a cardigan layers seamlessly with any outfit. It's the piece you'll never feel guilty for splurging on, because you know unequivocally, you will wear it.


A great pair of leggings is worth its weight in gold--and if you own a pair, or five, you will understand how crucial leggings are in a wardrobe. Stretchier and more forgiving than even your best skinnies, leggings are perfect for those days when you're just not feeling pants--and let's be real, that's basically everyday.


At any given moment, you probably have a pair or two of these in your shoe rotation. There are literally endless iterations of the classic black flat, and chances are, you've already gone through quite a few pairs in your lifetime--and why not? Black flats are the bread and butter of the shoe world. They may be simple and understated, but do not underestimate their wearability. They're the pair we always reach for first--especially when you're rushing out the door. And it's the shoe you know you'll always come back to, season after season, because it just works.


Even the most bare-to-basics closet has a few of these in its arsenal. If ever a piece truly was a classic, it would be the basic white tee. Infinitely adaptable, and universally flattering, the white tee holds a fond place in our hearts. It may not be the flashiest piece in your wardrobe, or the most expensive, but it's piece you'll reach for the most.

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