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Fashion 101 with Jessie Ajluni of The Everyday Editor

Fashion 101 with Jessie Ajluni of The Everyday Editor

When she's not styling at photo shoots for Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and The Coveteur or consulting with fashion brands, Jessie Ajluni is busy working on her fashion baby The Everyday Editor.  From her current shoe obsession to her favorite nail color, we sat down with Jessie and got her to spill her best style tips and tricks.  



 Valerie midi skirt 


How did you find your inspiration when styling for brands? 

I like to meet the designer first and really understand what the thought process is behind the brand's DNA. Who is the person that they are designing for, what are their likes and interests? Then from there it's all about researching actual girls that I feel fit in with the brand's target demographic. Pinterest and Instagram are godsends when it comes to photo research and inspirational images. 


What is one item every woman should buy this fall? 

For me about 85% of my wardrobe is built upon classic staple pieces that I can wear from season to season, mixing and matching them to create countless combinations. However, the one item that I always love to include in my wardrobe each fall in order to spice my ensembles, is a statement coat. Something special that is in keeping with the season's trends but will instantly update my tried and true sweater denim combo. 


What is your favorite fashion trend or look for Fall 2016? 

Velvet anything! I love the rich luxurious texture; it instantly adds a touch of elegance to any item. This season there are so many awesome ways that designers are using this fabric from boots to blazers and everything in-between. With so many ways to wear this trend you can definitely find something that will fit into your personal style. 


Who are your style icons? 

While I don't necessarily find one particular person a style icon, I love to look to the past for style references for today. I'm a huge fan of vintage fashion and love combing through thrift stores and flea markets. You can find some really unique special pieces that will instantly add interest to your wardrobe. 


One style tip you swear by? 

Don't be afraid to try new things. I know it sounds simple, and in some ways it is, but to really develop a personal style it takes time and experimentation. Sometimes it is really easy to fall into a rut of wearing the same looks over and over again. Try taking those well-loved pieces and pair them with something that you have never worn before. You never know it might become your new favorite style combination. 


Best style advice you have every received? 

I've always loved the quotes by Yves Saint Laurent "Fashions fade, style is eternal." So often it is really easy to fall into wearing whatever the latest trend is or dressing just like your favorite celeb or street style star. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking inspiration from these sources, I always encourage people to make them your own and make those ideas special and unique to you. 


Being and working in the fashion industry for so many years, what major changes have you noticed? What has the fashion industry taught you? 

One of the biggest changes to the industry is the rise of social media and blogging. I think it has really given me a more democratic way to exploring personal style. People can now more easily find style inspirations that fit their aesthetics that they might not have been able to find through traditional print mediums. I think one of the major things I have learned from working in the industry is really when to invest in a designer item versus when to spend on a fast fashion trend piece for my wardrobe. 


What personal or professional projects are you most excited about for the upcoming year? 

One of the amazing parts of my job is getting to work with new emerging fashion brands and help them create their visual voice. I love sitting down with the designer and listening to their thought process behind each collection they design and to see how a brand grows and changes from collection to collection. 


On any given day what's in your bag? 

Probably everything but the kitchen sink! I am always on the go running between appointments and meetings in the city. I pretty much live out of my bag.

Lola Camera Bag

Lola Camera Bag


On the fashion front

Current Shoe Obsession: I really love classic black ankle boots. They can be worn with almost anything in my wardrobe and this season I think I will be adding Isabel Marant's Garrett ankle boot to my collection. 


One fall essential you can't live without: I live in giant, slightly over-sized sweaters in the fall and winter. This season I am really loving Thacker's Mara sweatshirt sweater. I think I am going to be getting it in every color this season! 


Current accessory obsession: I am really loving the circular ring handle trend that is happening right now. From the adorable Simon Miller mini bucket bags to the lovely Thacker saddle bag version's there is a style for everyone. 


On the beauty front 

Go-to nail color: Butter London's Yummy Mummy Nail Lacquer. For me it's the perfect shade of nude. Constantly being on set is a killer for my nails so I usually like to go with a neutral shade to avoid noticeable chipping and scuffs while still having a put together appearance. 


Hair-care obsession: I love Oscar Blandi's volumizing dry shampoo spray because it gives me the perfect second day lived-in beachy hair I want but keeps it from feeling greasy or dirty. I also like to do a hair mask at least once a month. One of my favorites to use is the Unite U Luxury intense mask. 


Make-up must: For me the absolutely most important part of my make-up routine comes from skin care. I try never to go to bed at night with make-up on. So I love to use Erborians' solid cleansing oil. It goes on as a gentle gel but then turns into a cleansing oil that is perfect for removing the toughest stay-on makeup leaving my skin super fresh. Also for those late nights that I can't be bothered to do a full night time routine I use Bioderma's makeup removing micelle solution. 






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What size is your black Thacker Mara Sweatshirt Sweater? I am trying to decide what size to order online. Thank you!


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