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Our Story

Modern cool. Clean lines. Great materials. Versatile classics that let you be you. Thacker is a collection of beautifully crafted modern essentials that focus on empowering women. As women we are busier than ever. We have limited downtime and multitasking is a must. Thacker pairs functionality with modern design. A way to streamline your busy lifestyle without compromising on what makes you, you. Simply your life, never skimp on style.

About Toni

About the Founder, Toni Hacker: A Kentucky native with a background in Industrial Design, Toni bounced around the globe before landing in New York City in 2002 working in the fashion industry. Her approach to design combines a love for elevated modern classics with serious functionality. Prior to Thacker, Toni was the designer and co-founder of Brooklyn brands Hayden-Harnett and Campos. She has worked on design collaborations at the invitation of Walt Disney Signature and Target® and loves a good cocktail.

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