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Our Story

Thacker is a collection of modern essentials that mix, match, and travel with ease and that works for women of all ages. We offer a way to look polished, pulled-together, and chic in a flash. At Thacker, we want to empower women to simplify their lives without sacrificing style. As women, we are busier than ever. Our closets are tiny. We need more personal time. We want to streamline our lives. Thacker is a way to empower your closet and your life. Thacker is effortless style. Thacker is designed to be the hardest working 10% of your closet that you will reach for daily. We hope that you find tons of great pieces within the collection that you love...and that let you focus on being you.

About Toni

About the Founder, Toni Hacker: A Kentucky native with a background in Industrial Design, Toni bounced around the globe before landing in New York City in 2002 working in the fashion industry. Her approach to design combines a love for elevated modern classics with serious functionality. Prior to Thacker, Toni was the designer and co-founder of Brooklyn brands Hayden-Harnett and Campos. She has worked on design collaborations at the invitation of Walt Disney Signature and Target® and loves a good cocktail.

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