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Carry it Forward!

New York City is a magical town but it can often be a struggle to survive in such an expensive city. As Thacker grows we went to carry it forward and give back to everyday people trying to thrive. We believe in creating paths for people to have access to daily essentials including housing. We are committed to volunteering our time and making financial contributions to nonprofit organizations protecting people facing eviction. Every handbag purchase will be linked to a give back program to support those who need an extra hand to get through next month's rent, education on tenant rights, probono tenant legal aid and beyond.

bags born for today


Life has changed fundamentally in recent years but handbags have not. Since 2016, Thacker as an organization asks the question, what should a bag be now?


The search for these answers is open-ended and pursued by a team of young designers with no interest in the consensus and veterans with decades of combined experience in sourcing and manufacturing.


Vision and expertise facilitating the production of bags not for clout, not for status, not for exclusivity, but BAGS FOR NOW.

virtually weightless

utility & beauty